Committee: Game Schedule for Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Time Black Rink Gold Rink Silver Rink
Available For Practice Available For Practice Step Team
Houghton Hogzz
The Navigators
Mitchs Misfits
Sigma Tau Gamma
Stat Crux
IV Baba Yetu
Husky baseball
Deo Volente
Hot n Ready
Prestige Worldwide
Available For Practice
BeASTy Babes
Delta Zeta
Mind the Gap
what the broom...
Reserved Practice Time
Slightly Higher...
Non Nisi Te Domine
Slick Sticks
Fizzy Fuzzy Big...
Reserved Practice Time
Ball Bouncers
The Goon Squad
Grim Sweepers
Chad Lemmen
Cleaning Cru
Fighting Phytoplankton...
Cold Weather Injuries
Da Boyz
The Blues Brothers
Better Refs
Chassell Bandits
Duck Duck Goose
Blizzards BroomBunnies
Not The Freshman
Sussy Ballers 2...
Scholars and Matt
Who's Your...
Baja Babes
The Hardwoods
Troy Boys
Hooah Hoo-Has
Tackling Teddy...

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