Posted by Trevor Birr, Jan 29 - 10:18 PM
Final Voting for Monday Night Broomball (2/2/15)

Click the link to vote for your favorite 3 Monday Night Broomball match-ups. Voting closes at midnight on 1/30/2015. Captains will be notified on Saturday if their team was selected to play.

Posted by Alexander Dinsmoor, Jan 16 - 10:25 AM
Broomball Apparel!

All apparel is available for purchase from three places: Broomball office in G24 in Wadsworth Hall (next to Quad Core), Wadsworth Hall Reception Desk, or you can also buy from our Online Store!

The athletic fabric Varsity shirts (far left) are $15, the Keep Calm and Play Broomball shirts are $10, and the Hoodies are $30!  Check the online store for additional prices.


                $15                                    $10                                      $30