Posted by Justine Reed-Sandum, Nov 18 - 3:41 PM

(A complete Broomball Stick Making Guide is located on the left under downloads.)

  • Only the broom’s original handle may be attached to the original broom head.
  • Brooms must have a wooden handle.
  • No official Broomball brooms will be allowed. 
  • A minimum of six inches of bristle must extend below the broom’s handle.
  • Tape is the only foreign material allowed on a broom.
  • The external metal rings put on by the manufacturer MUST BE REMOVED.
  • The broom’s head MUST RETAIN ITS GENERAL SHAPE and SLANT of the broom must not exceed 30 degrees.
  • Excessive tape or foreign materials will not be allowed on a broom.
  • There must be ABSOLUTELY NO bristles exposed.
  • NO scoop/lacrosse style brooms will be allowed that allow the ball to be cradled