2017-2018 Pay Rates


Cocoa Shack Staff Primary Responsibilities:

  • Serve hot chocolate to fans and players
  • Opening and closing Cocoa Shack
  • Sell Broomball merchandise

Cocoa Shack Staff Application

Rink Staff Primary Responsibilities:

  • Ice surface creation and restoration
  • Performing general rink maintenance and upkeep
  • Shoveling rinks to remove snow
  • Keeping the rinks and surrounding area clean
  • Moving equipment to the rinks prior to the start of games and removing equipment from the rinks at the conclusion of games

Rink Staff Application

Referee Primary Responsibilities:

  • Checking in teams prior to games and practices
  • Officiating games
  • Keeping score during games
  • Keeping time during games
  • Filling out game statistics sheets
  • Keeping track of Broomball equipment at the rink

Referees will receive both off-ice and on-ice training.  No prior experience is necessary, however having a background in sports or officiating can be helpful.

Referee Application

Additional Information

If you have any questions please email the Rink Manager bbrink@mtu.edu, the Ref Manager bbref@mtu.edu, the Cocoa Shack Coordinator bbeastwads@mtu.edu, or the Chair bbchair@mtu.edu.  You are also welcome to stop by the Broomball office any time it is open if you are interested in becoming more involved with Broomball.

Note that you are permitted to be both a referee and a player on up to two Broomball teams.  We will make a best effort to avoid scheduling referees for games in a conference that they participate in.